End of the day

Hi everyone! This is Tammy and Morgan.

It’s been a long 24-hours, but the stories heard and the events that we experienced were worth the effort.

Here’s how we would sum up what we learned about the border:

  • There are fewer illegal immigrants coming into the US. But the ones who are crossing are facing dangers like they’ve never seen before
  • There are more drugs coming across the border into Arizona than ever before. We’re not sure if this is because more people are using drugs in the United States (and Arizona) or if it means that the Sinaloa drug cartel, which controls the smuggling routes through Arizona, has just become more powerful
  • The amount of money involved in the drug smuggling business is astronomical. Just look at the millions of dollars Customs and Border Protection agents have confiscated heading south, or the “cartel castles” we videotaped in Mexico, and you’ll get the idea that this is a lucrative business
  • Finally, there are some really good people on both sides of the border who are working very hard to save lives and to change lives. From the Humane Borders volunteers who put water tanks out for immigrants who may otherwise die in the desert, to the teachers and preachers in Mexico who are trying to teach children to say no to the cartel lifestyle, there is a lot of good on the border

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the issues, and look forward to bringing you more “24 Hours” coverage on others issues that are important to all of us. If you have any ideas on what we should focus on next, please shoot us an e-mail!

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